click and drag resizing

umm so I dont know how I did, but I was able to click and drag my sprite to resize while I was editing my game, anyone know how this is done? I’ve been looking in forum posts but havent found anything, thank you

Screenshot 2020-08-25 at 1.12.53 PM

Not like that, i already knew about that @USERNAME55m I mean I literally resized it in the game. I was messing around and all the sudden I took a sprite that was a 1x1 into a massive one and it scaled everything correctly

oh. let me try

did you zoom in on your browser?

Screenshot (25)
Screenshot (26)

Sorry for the documentary on the right, but as you can see when scaled to 8.0 one is clearly smaller with just the torso being a whole block, whereas in the game they are the exact same size :

also the smaller one is actually slightly bigger in the game @USERNAME55

idk then

You can scale your object smaller or larger by clicking the object, selecting “edit”, and dragging the square resize handle. This does not change the pixel resolution of your sprite like the sprite editor does, it just scales the size.

I didn’t know that. Thanks grazer

is there a way to reset it?