Click & Drag Function

Probably an easier way to do it, but cool either way!

This is kinda cool.


thanks! Its probably been done before, But I figured it out myself!

Wow! Nice Work (Make More Levels)

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k, prob will a bit later’

Boom, More levels now! (:
Still need to make it so you cant go through walls, tho, any suggestions?

Why Go Through Walls?

no, I dont want them to go through walls,

Oh, I Did’nt Go Through Walls Because I Wanted To Do It The Right Way :slight_smile:

This Game Is Actually Epic

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yea, thats how i want it

I Acually Made A Game Simular To This About A Week Ago I Have’nt Even Started It :rofl:
Its Called An Online MULTIPLAYER GAme With Up To 50 People

(The Link Is’nt My Game)

Ive seen something like that before
thats cool

Do You Play Geometry Dash? Full Ver.

ye, why (20202020202)

So U Can Freind Me (Charecter Limit)

huh, idk maybe, im not that active on it ):

np My Name Is: ZachTech