Click & Drag: The Game, Is now a playable beta!

I did all of the code myself, and still have things I want to implement, but, for now…


Yo, this game is so cool. Looks like something I would find on coolmath, since its a simple, yet puzzle solving game. How many levels are there exactly. I think I got to eight, but I wasn’t paying attention. The one with the orange toggle blocks. My game started really lagging so I had to leave, but I really love the game.


Thanks, That means a lot! There are 20 levels in total, if you dont count the congagulations screen, Glad you had a fun time! :smiley:

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Can You Make A Dev Team For Me, So I Can Make Some Levels?

uhmm, Probably not, You can expiriment with it, I just wouldnt want anything permanent, y’know?
At somepoint i Might have a level editor so you can make your own, idk yet tho, its pretty hard to pull off

Yeah, An Editor! (You Can Always Delete The Dev Team)

oh, uhhh, mabey (20)

Haven’t seen such a creative game in a while - well done @Baconcat008 !

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Thank you! (20 20 20)


Are You Gonna Make A Level Editor?

idk, maybe, not right away of course

Yeah, Do It When You Can

this game is super cool i love it so much, great job keep it up :slight_smile:

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thank you! love your profile pic BTW! :rofl:

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thank you so much XD urs is dope to

(im not the imposter i swear)

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Lol (20 20 20 20 20 20)

Great game! Love the variety of levels and obstacles, and the clean simple design. I made it to the end!

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Great job! (: (20 charecters)

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Since This Game Is Trendy People Might Make The Same Exact Game But With Different Levels