[click] help me pls #2

so for my game i also want to be able to interact with a game world object and have dialogue pop up but not like the corny alert behavior because i just don’t like the look of that

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You could use labels which make great custom dialogue. When you collide into something that triggers the dialogue make it 100 Alpha on the label so it pops up. Then after a certain time it can set the Alpha back to 0. Which you could make it so the text fades in an out, depending on what you need.

any picture of way to do it cuz that was alot to take in and kinda confusing

Well, I’m at school so i don’t have time to send a screenshot, but I’m sure you could find some examples on the games list that could explain how to do this better.
Also I know @JR01 could help you with this since he knows every behavior by heart, lol.

ok thanks lol XD
that’s foreal trueeee! XD

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What he saying is to make your dialogue pop up with a label block,
then input 0 to make it disappear, or 100 to make it appear in the input called “Alpha”.

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yea i did it all but i accidently made a loop :smile:

congrats lol

How did you make a loop?


4 words…
i dont have it anymore i just went with the alerts but when i did have it
i made it to where you collision with object and then it brings the text back to 100 where i can see it and then i had a timer for however many seconds and then it would put the next text up and make the other disapear and i did that for three different text and it made a loop on the third one and i couldnt figure it out

um… 0~0

Could you leave a screenshot or a link?

well again i dont have it anymore but i can still give you the game link yessshttps://flowlab.io/game/view/1651806