Click to access own made password box?

I wish to make a game and need this last future…

How can i make so when u press a point or object in game screen, it pops ups block where i can type a certain password to get through to next lvl.

Really try help me quick please :slight_smile:

I need to on click a window come up and its possible to write and press enter. If its wrong it will be red, if its good code it will send you trough…??? PLLLEEEEEEEAAAASSSEEE

Really Flowlab??? :confused: And people… :(;/

JAAaaaaactive peeeople thaaaansk

Maybe after my life some aliens find my message in the space and heal me up to fix this for me to be kind…i hope… Ill wait for it… xD

well… lemme think

Hopefully the new update will make this easier @grazer


So you work with this?? :slight_smile:

And leaderboards???
Or/Login?.. :confused:

Can itty the new one?

well you would have to make a block for every letter in the game and that is annoying so if you have free it is almost not worth it.