CLOSED (Question)

I looked at the categories section and I didn’t see the Community Lounge section there. Apparently Grazer banned it before I started using the forums. Does anyone know why he banned it?

wait it’s gone

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What’s gone? Please give more context.

community lounge, i never noticed it disappeared

Oh, I’m pretty sure it disappeared before I started using the Forums because I never noticed it until recently.

it’s not gone, you somehow lost your regular so you can’t view it anymore

also this was never banned, you just didn’t see it because you need to turn on a setting to see it since it’s an off-topic category


i legit don’t understand

You lose it when you’re not active enough, or you get flagged too much. I lost my regular due to flags once, but never to inactivity because I’m always here.

i lost mine probably due to getting flagged

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Yeah true puginarug with all the Astolfo and the funny offensive jokes you made that only me and my homies appreciate

JUSTPLAINOP, The category is muted by default because some people who don’t use flowlab anymore decided that the off-topic channel shouldn’t exist and it turned into war. Many lives were lost, but in the end grazer decided that the best way to end the war would be to make the OTC its own category and mute it by default so non-community members don’t see it unless they choose to change their settings.


Oh, that makes sense. Well that’s the answer to my question, no one needs to post on this topic anymore.

Thanks @John_Shrekinson