Hey, guys and gals! I’m Browngr from ViperTeck, and I have been considering bringing back my reviews. So, I am! Submit your games here!
I will be rating you from A-F in percentages, in specific categories:
Each will be graded out of ten, added up, and multiplied by two for a percentage.
(Art: 4/5
Smoothness: 5/5
Mechanics: 1/5
Audio: 4/5
Creativity: 3/5
4 + 5 + 1+ 4 + 3 = 17
17 x 2 = 34%)
The game doesn’t need to be complete, but it’s probably smart if you specify whether it is or not. I can take that into consideration during the grading. I will also be giving your game a rating, based on the content of the game. (Everyone 10+, Everyone, Adult, Mature, etc.)
Have fun, and good luck!



this is just a DEMO and I know I need to work on it a lot but it is getting quite a bit of plays so I think it is worth posting. plus I know I’m going to get an F on art that is kind of the point I think it adds to the overall charm of the game. this is the demo

F on smoothness too don’t even think it is that great of a game but, over 2000 plays that has to mean something


Okay, so. It’s a demo, yes, but I still need to make some important comments. That’s the point of a review, after all.
Art: So, I understand that it was design choice, but I feel as if you could have at least given the NPCs animations, and the floor texture. Having bad textures is one thing, but no textures, that’s a different story. It feels lazily done because of this, which is why I strongly recommend you don’t use this as an excuse, but rather a chance to give the game life.
I’d say a solid 3/5. Can easily be bumped up to a 5 if you spend some time on the sprites.
Smoothness: Again, understandably a design choice, the game has its moments. Its smooth at some points and straight up bad at others. For example, the unclear mechanics of the suits. It restarts the level if you choose the black one, giving you super speed, but if you choose the white one, then you where the white one and lose your animations? I was very well confused.
4/5 on smoothness, adding onto the nature of the game itself. But, no hiding behind excuses! 2000 plays means nothing if it’s not likeable. The amount of likes perfects my statement, not to be insultive. I like the game, yes, but you can’t offer a clearly cut-corner piece and boast about the plays.
Mechanics: Pretty straight forward, simple, instructions in the description, pretty straight forward. But, that’s not all that this category goes for. Number one, I noticed that unless you have the power up from the black suit, eating the apples will actually deplete your hunger bar if it’s already full. This design flaw was very well confusing. Also, its placement was very out of the ordinary, but that affected your art score. Next, I feel as if you’re missing an opportunity with the NPC(s), because NPCs are SO SO SO useful. I believe you asked me about companions on my Tutorials page, and I can’t help but tie the two together, so the blank slate for the girl can be looked over. But, the zombies need more behaviors. Sound, (use the distance technique algorithm and if you need a link I can provide one) and attraction. It will majorly help your game feel better. So, I would say a solid 4/5 on Mechanics. Great work so far, though I really recommend that you work on the A.I.
Audio: Little to none, and that’s all I can really say. There’s sound effects, music provided by Flowlab, and about it. Now, for free account users, you don’t have a choice, which is why the area of which sounds come from doesn’t have anything to do with the score. But, it still felt thrown together nonetheless, and overall ignored. A solid score of 3/5 for Audio. Look through the library of sounds, and really become familiar with them. You can do so much with the sounds of Flowlab, so take advantage of that!
Creativity: I’d say its a pretty simple concept right now, fighting off zombies, surviving, and coming across other human beings, with a bit of sci-fi thrown in. And don’t take this as an insult, but it’s typical. So, what I recommend is you open up Google Docs, and start writing a story that really makes this game one of a kind. That’s really it, I’m sure that much can help you a long way. And fun fact, I’ve written around about a dozen of unpublished novels, and I’m not saying I’m the world’s greatest writer, but I’m definitely experienced in writing. If you need help coming up with a story, I can get you started, no credit needed, though it’d be nice XD. A solid 2.5/5 right now.

So, time to add it all up! You know the algorithm! 3 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 2.5 x 2 --> percent:
16.5 --> 33%. Hey, this game was fun to play. And overall, I’d say you did pretty well! The way this grading system works is hard to pass, so don’t think too much of it. Just keep up the good work, might be smart to keep the advice to heart while working on this, so that you can improve on your work further. Great work, can’t wait to see the finished project! (=

thank you! I should have said I just added hunger so sometimes it doesn’t work right trying to fix it but It is going to need some time. Thank you for the review and I will try to improve the mistakes.

don’t know what you mean with the black suit works fine for everyone else!

@browngr why does it say Nuka Reviews?

is it a fallout reference?

@Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev yep! My primary game at the time was Fallout Anarchy, but since right now it’s HAKK3R, I’ll change it to fit our current theme. (=


Can i get a Review @browngr?

Its an Early Alpha Version

Of course! I’ve got to get to bed soon, but most likely, I’ll have it done tomorrow evening, Pacific time. (=

Ok Thanks!

@brongr heres link

Its an Early Alpha Version

if you have already had your game reviewed and you improve it can you have it reviewed again?

Yes, of course! I love to see improvement, and retakes are always allowed! In fact, they’re encouraged! (Unless you aced the review, in which case, wow man I designed this thing to be hard)

ok here still working on it but it is definitely getting better!

tell me if the suit still isn’t working for you!

trying to make a xp multiplier if you can help.

Alright, @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev! Let’s get to work on this review! I think the game looks AMAZING, though it does have a rather striking similarity to a game that I saw the YouTuber Markiplier play not too long ago. Can’t remember the name though… But, we WILL take a look into that later…
For now, let’s start with art! (Hey that rhymed!)
Art: Beautiful animation and style. I love it! I’m gonna message you after this about a proposition. ViperTeck could use someone like you. But, back to it! I’ve only seen a bit of your work, and that’s this, but oh my god, do I love it! 5/5, nice work, keep it up!
Smoothness: Straight forward, easy to pick up on. Click to interact with things, WASD and Arrow keys together, which is an important feature I see a lot of people miss. Now, you did say this is alpha, but I must comment on the fact that it’s a bit too simple. It feels basic, in a way. So, I have to mark you down for that, bringing you down to a 3/5. Still solid, though!
Mechanics: Well, you’ve brought your game into the Mechanics shop for a checkup. Everything looks great! Now, there’s not much to check on, which makes it a bit easier for you. But that’s a risk you take when making games! The more content, the more likely chances of you slipping up at some point. 5/5!
Audio: Sadly, this is probably going to take a toll on your grade, but I have to do what I have to do. Your game has absolutely no audio. My suggestion? Add some! Now, the point of which your audio works or not is really the version you have. But, you have to work with what you’ve got. Just adding some background music and toying with the volume can be a big help to your score! For now however, 1/5…
Creativity: Again, I did notice that this game is strikingly similar to another one I’ve seen floating around the internet. I can see that this is easily fixed by altering some of the character styles, or even something as simple as the background color, to be honest! 2/5 right now.

Now, let’s get to grading! 5 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 2 = 16 x 2 = 32%.
You were doing so well, until it came into the last two categories. Here’s how I would fix them:
First of all, add sound. Background music, drinking sounds, eating sounds, footsteps, etc. That can easily bump your grade up to a 1/5 straight to a five if you make good choices. Next, there’s creativity. I really really suggest pulling up google docs, and formulating a story. (Without subconscious plagiarizing!) Once it is complete and implemented, I can assure you, your game will be much, much better.

Thanks @brongr

@brongr you said something about Me and ViperTech does that mean you want me on the team?