Co-op Making Questions!

Hi! I’m trying to make a game with one of my friends. I have indie, she does not.

  1. Is it even possible? Or do we both need indie (Im inviting her, not vise versa)
  2. How do you add a game that they can work on with you? (I already made the team, But she cant edit my game)
    Thank you in advance, Baconcat008
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Hey baconcat its me 19329 and well you need to go to the setting in the game and go to advance and click team editing! And then select the team name!

its greyed out for me

Try again_________________________________

ok, ill refresh

Yay, it worked :3 thank you (:


No problem Good luck!!!


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To answer your question: If you have an upgraded account, you can create a team and ad people to it (including free users). Everyone can edit, free or not, but free users will still have their usual limits (cannot add more than 5 levels, etc)


ok, Thank you Grazer!