CodeAlpaca Future Game List

Hello, I am CodeAlpaca and here is a list of my future games, this won’t be a very active thread because I’ll mostly post timelines/lore/general gameplay mechanics of these ideas.

These games are NOT guaranteed to be made, but this is just a list of games I want to make.

  1. Shadow Runner (Already have a good idea of how I will code this)

  2. CALM (Already made some of this)

  3. Alpaca Raceway (I will continue the progress of this after the Flowjam)

  4. War Lands

  5. Battle Ground (Not sure of the name)

  6. Foundation Unleashed

  7. Evo S


Looking forward to it! You’ve grown so much since I’ve known you and I’m sure these games will be great :slight_smile:


Awesome! Can’t wait :slight_smile:

(Also if you ever wanna collab :wink: )


I wonder if that’s the fighting game, lol.


It is, that’s just a placeholder name, but I kinda like it.


What game do you want a general description of?

  • Shadow Runner
  • CALM
  • War Lands
  • Battle Grounds
  • Foundation Unleashed
  • Evo S

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I think sending out 120 ray casts is a very bad idea


Well, it seems like there is a tie between which one you guys want to hear about, so I guess I’ll just not say anything about either of them. jk

Guess I’ll have give a description of both

Foundation Unleashed

So this game will be a fighting game similar to Smash Bros, but with the characters from Scepter Foundation (And possibly other Flowlab characters). I was originally already making this but decided to stop because I wasn’t sure my art skills were good enough to make it how I wanted it.

Evo S

Evo S stands for Evolution Simulator. I do not want this to be any ordinary simulator, I plan in putting a TON of effort into making this realistic. I have a pretty long Google Doc of everything I want to put into this. Because I plan on this being a very large project I’ll probably make this one last.

If you want more info about these games ask and I’ll answer (As long as I won’t spoil too much)


Bruh dude this gonna be awesome! You could try asking the series creator, in this case @ManiacPumpkin’s help and support and that would be amazing! I ackknowledge and admire every one of my Gamougg fangames and I believe that ManiacPumpkin likes Scepter Foundation fan projects too (pretty sure he saw my and Deadly Smile’s fanart).


I know it was supposed to be somewhat of a goofy game with the characters since there are a variety, but the game most likely won’t relate to the series since some characters are almost immortal, even some that range from different dimensions or capable of fracturing timelines. But its kind of cool to see them nerfed for fist to fist combat, lol. If you ever start back up and you need any help on art or characters, I can provide examples from The Site: 012 Incident and even help with some. I’ve been really busy working all summer, but when schools starts up, I have an extra study hall to do stuff. I also have many new characters that could possibly be added.

Someone mentioned the idea of the characters being apart of some sort of smash bros game (I completely forgot who) and code alpaca ended up making it with my consent. I was helping with concept ideas with different attack and power move ideas, but the project kinda died down since it probably wasn’t a necessary game that needed produced, but it would still be pretty cool to see finished, lol.

I don’t mind fan games of any kind, even without consent, but none of them will be canon or most likely relate to the story that I have planned. If a fangame is super good and well made, with a decent story that can relate or branch off of a moment that happened, I might consider adding it as a part of the lore since there are so many stories behind each and every entity, Overseer, and even Commanders (facility guards or SCU field soldiers), that I probably won’t live long enough to ever write them down.






I need some ideas for a top-down game

Some basic knowledge
it’s using a special system to not see past walls
I will be using Sprite Stacking (unless it looks bad)
I would like to use my Random Map Generator

I have a basic sprite of a wizard, but if someone has a better idea I’ll change it.


With the criteria you included, I’ve come up with this idea:

A roguelike game where your goal is to explore a constantly expanding dungeon system, collecting as much treasures as you can while defeating the various monsters that lurk within. You can use magic to fight off the monsters or give yourself an advantage. Stronger spells may require mana to be cast. Mana is built up over time or accumulated through the collection of potions or charms found within the dungeon.


This is great ca’t wait to see more!


Nice, if you need any art help lemme know I’m improving :+1:


Currently working on generating the rooms. I can automatically generate rooms of any size given the X and Y Distance for the Generator, the opening leading into the room is also changeable, making this entire system flexible for any game.

I only have the Left and Right directions finished, but once I finish it I might add it to the Generator bundle because all you need to do to adapt it to your own game would be to switch a few spawn behaviors to your own walls.

Btw, if you’re curious why I have the delay randomly set between 2-3 seconds it’s because it loads better if it’s slightly spaced out compared to spawning it all at once.


Hi, it’s been a while. So I’m still working on the game above but I start a second project. I personally just like working on 2 things at once, it allows me to take a break on 1 for a moment and still work on something without me wanting to making 100 different projects.

This project doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s going to be a game like smash bros, but it will also have a Story mode similar to Brawl and Ultimate (This story mode will be a more significant part of the game than in smash because needing a friend to play it with would limit the game a lot)

I showed some of this already on my example page because I’m making a hitbox system for it that I’ll share when it’s done. (1)


Wow, it’s been a while. The game above, which I want to finish, will be discontinued until further notice. This is because I used assets for this and that is quite limiting for what I want to do. When I improve my art skills enough to create my own animations and characters this project will continue (So that could be a few months)


Just a little bit into my thought process for how I solve a problem. I had to hard code a solution which is never good, so I’ll try to fix it at a later time.

NEW,0,0,NEW,0,0,NEW,-1,0.5,NEW,0.5,1 (This is correct besides the “NEW,0,0,NEW,0,0”)
NEW,0,0,NEW,0,0.5 (This is incorrect, it’s meant to be “NEW,0.5,1”)
NEW,0,NEW,1 (This is incorrect, it’s meant to be “NEW,0.5”, where is the “1” coming from???)

NEW,0.5,1,NEW,1,1 (With no loop it works good, that means the problem happens because the system is not properly reset)

So from the above information, I know that there is something wrong with my looping function. (I cannot share the code currently so you will just have to imagine what it’s doing ig). When you have discovered the problem look over your code and try to find any key features that are incorrect (For a loop that would be a Switch on the incorrect setting, a Number that needs to be reset, etc). So I identified a Toggle Switch I forgot to reset, then tried again, but the loop still did not work. If the problem persists do everything manually, so if something starts the code automatically make it so you now need to do it manually, this will allow you to break the code into chucks so you can find the problem. If this still doesn’t solve it (It didn’t for me), have the part of your code that does work run, then manually add the values into the code. When I did this the code seemed to work fine, at this point I should have assumed it was something to do with the input, but I continued looking within the loop without testing if it was the input.

And yet going through this the input appeared to be fine. I had gone through everything I could think of and had gotten the system to work when doing it manually, so why would it not work now? So once again I added delay, this time to the input, and still it would not work. So if you continue over and over again and still don’t find the problem there are 2 things you can do. 1) Ask for help on the forums. I am unable to do that because only a select few would be able to even be able to understand how to fix the problem let alone understand my messy coding (due to 1 framing). I also want to keep the project secret so can’t share it anyways. 2) Build a workaround. I would normally advise against this because it builds a bad habit of hard coding, but for my situation, I had to do it. My only excuse for doing this is that it’s best to get a finished product out and fix things afterward (this varies from project to project).

Side note, I had an infinite loop earlier in my code and it only happened on the loop after the first. So the steps to get rid of the loop are 1. Just check none of your code is an obvious loop, 2. Timers prevent infinite loops, so take a small section of your code then add timers to it. If the infinite loop continues it’s not from that area. 3. Key behaviors are Filters (if they activate code again behind it), Numbers (in case it infinitely increases), Switches (Making sure they turn off correctly), Spawn (make sure the object doesn’t spawn itself instantly), Attacher (Same thing as Spawn), Emit (Same thing as Spawn), etc.

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are these games still on your list?