Coin Count

can someone teach me how to have my coin count add from one level to the next instead of starting over at 0 each level

My shop example can help with this,
click on the bundle labeld “coin count & display” on the character;

it worked! do you know if there is a way to take them away if the level restarts or if the game starts over?

so to reset the coins from what it was when starting the level, you need to save the coins at the end of the level. Something like this:

Start the level by Load --> Number and then Number --> Save when you reach the end.

To start the game with 0, I would have a level that is used only when starting the game with an object setting 0 --> save. I call this my intro level.

can you show me what you mean with your game or a screenshot?

And so days went past but the screenshot was never sent, leaving Doctor_soup in confusion and despair.then came a mysterious man who sent an example for the save behavior, which provided him with hope.(lol i have no idea why i started narrarating but heres the save example which will probably make you understand more about the save behavior.)

Save example:

woops, almost forgot this thread…

here’s a screenshot for a level restart: