Collab: tank attack!

So one of my classmates and I have created a game together. He created the general backbone of the game and the graphics, while I enhanced some of his graphics and finalized the game.

Being that its on his account, I’m back to 5 levels and 50 objects, but it’s a small game so whatevs… (I have too much content on my account so I didn’t take the risk of letting him on)

Play da game and destroy some tanks!

To play, you have a time limit of 2 minutes. use space bar to shoot, and click to move. Destroy the enemy tanks…
thats pretty much it!

be aware: there are some secret controls…

Removed the time limit

you can also use WASD to move

one of the secret controls: B = bomb

Honestly, because of the limit I may steal the project (via begging @grazer to clone it to my account) and create a spinoff. BUT!! Only when the limit is reached

…I feel like I’m shadowbanned or something

shadowbanned? why

No no…
It’s just…
Flowlab died…

not exactly
dude im still here… im someone i guess and i still making my game
im taking a lot of time to finish but yeah im alive

i think grazer abandonned flowlab or something- there hasn’t been any updates or bug fixes for months. Lots of veterans either left or are not as active. :frowning: