Collision help if can

i have two objects, object flame and ballista. can anyone tell me why the collision code is not doing anything? i tried couple different settings but not sure in this case what sort of collision box i need to set them to or if it is just a problem with my code…press spacebar to get to main level and then left right rotate and space to fire… i made this game complete before in a different engine just trying to port to this one…

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The Attacher behavior doesn’t have any collisions. You would need to Spawn the fire and have it be locked to the dragons X and Y and adjust its rotation.

Also what’s wrong with the movement, it seems to work fine for me.

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Thanks! yeah it was driving me crazy lol good to know ill try spawning it in then, far as movement i just wrote that before and hadnt deleted it i had some weird things going on at first but fixed it. I was wondering 2 things too is there a way to move change the origin (x=0,y=0) of a sprite for example having it not be the center of the sprite or would i have to work around that, and then second would be are there particles in this or would i have to make my own?

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To offset the X and Y the best way would be to use an Expression (So for example ‘X+64’)

For particle effects, you would have to make your own.

Okay so check it out basically what i did was make 3 global vars dragon x, y, r(for rotation)
And shot them to the flame object seems to working alright if you like check it out i just gotta make everything catch fire and explode now lol but it does kill the ballista