Collision Suggestion

Hi all! A common issue I run into while making games is when testing for if an object isn’t colliding with another object. I’ve tried using many different methods such as ray casts and timer shenanigans, but it just never pulls off what the collision trigger offers. (Namely the ability to test for object type and name and in any direction specified) I suggest the addition of a second node to the collision trigger… The “miss” node! Just like with ray cast when casting, the collision would always output miss if it doesn’t hit the object it’s looking for and if it does it triggers the already existing hit node.

@grazer I would be very very grateful if this was added to a future update, and it’s something that would make the game creation process so much easier!

(Thanks for reading; you’re awesome! <3)

If anyone has any ideas or tips on how to bypass this in the meantime, I would appreciate the help!

@BitWit, A good way to see if the object ISNT colliding would probably would be to use a NOR gate.
Collisions are made to only output once when they collide, if you want to always output unless its collision, its easiest to use the NOR.

If you want to Always output unless you get against and stay next to an object, its best to use a proximity but you can combine the 2 for something like this:

Thank you! I can’t believe I forgot about nor gates…