Collision surfaces

In my game-
My grass , which is the default ground, occasionally causes the player to pause.
Also the sunset stone causes the player to slide.
Is there a fix to these? and also how do I prevent this in the future.

hmmm weird I’ve never encountered this problem before. I’ll have to look into it

If you go to level 7, Sunset town, you can easily see the problems, when going in and out of the town, it seems to make the grass slick to slide on too.

ok thanks for saving me a lot of time!

It seems fine to me maybe if you reload the game it’ll be fine.

I recommend messing around with the hitboxes to get what you want.
Square can catch sometimes, each have there own properties.

I literally have the same problem how do u fix though?

i found a problem in ur game at green slime 2 the player cant walk

It’s a turnbased fight, you’re not supposed to move, except jump and attack.

It appeared to be fixed, but I was yet again walking in sunset town (level 7) and my character was sliding uncontrollably.