Colors: Beta 1.0

Please help me in my journey to develop this game
Player1- W, A, D
Player2- Y, G, J
Player3- Arrow keys

Colors: Beta 1.0 :

Nice concept, the players really stick to the walls and its difficult to jump though, but I like it

thank you, pls give me more feedback, i would like to try to make this game really good.

hey Wybba, please explain what you mean that its hard to jump

I’ve had the same problem in my game sometimes, its not a big deal just a little annoying. When your player walks into a block, sometimes they cannot jump unless you move around first. I actually don’t know how to fix this, it may just be an error with the collision trigger.


Change the player hitbox to a circle. That will solve your issue

OK! Thank you PixelPizza