Colossus VII : DevLog DECEMBER 2021

So all month ive been working on animations for the main character, and trying new styles for em, ive finally come up with this nice simple sci fi mechanic look. we have a utility belt for holding various tools, equipment and whatever else the player may pick up along the journey. at first my sprite had an all midnight blue jump suit but i think this jacket suits better. as you can see im using my old style where there isnt much detail but sometimes less is more. i even added some shadow and eye balls this time lol.

ive also been working on some weapons and due to copyright i had to re name all of my weapons in the game so here is the " Viper " it holds a 20rnd magazine and is really fun to use, i made sure the bullets emit properly and added a flashing effect. reload animations are finished as well as idles and walking animations.

player inventory is complete , all of the UI is finished and now im working on an upgrades and repair menu for when equipment is damaged. players will use scrap they find to upgrade and repair items using a workbench.

and last but not least, enemy AI is ready and working fine ( for now ). here is a screenshot of a security bot. this bot is a lean mean wacking machine. ill try to post more progress without major spoilers but heres this for now.