Come play my (unfinished) game!

I’m making this game, A Boy in Armor, where a young boy runs away from his home with his dead fathers armor, wanting to be like him. His father had died in the war, and now the boy, Antony, desires to end it. Or will he? Come play this small finished section of this story game, . Enjoy and give me feedback! (There is some design errors, and I am looking into them, and a lot of them have been fixed!)

This is actually quite nice.
I like the story and the observation option!
it is smooth.

the walking sound effect on water , pier and stone are kind of annoying.

that’s all i can say in this one.
It’s pretty good overall.

I’ve been looking for better sound fx. Thanks @Simple_doge5 , this helps!

this is a really good game :smiley: good job

Nice animation very fluid! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Toddt and @poop10 (great name, by the way) . I really appreciate getting this feedback!

ikr XD

If you guys have any games you want to have reviewed, you can put a link in my discussion: . and also thanks for the feedback for may game as well, I have added more to it!