Come visit the Flowlab Casino

It’s not much yet, but I’m going to add a virtual opponent that you’ll have to beat to earn more money.

Right now all it does is give you 5 random cards when you click on the deck, there are 6 different kinds cards, each one with it’s own respective number.

Once you’ve received your hand, you can either choose to “Hold”, and go with the cards you have, or you can pick 1-5 of your cards and have them exchanged for new cards to try and get a better hand.

Tell me if you find any bugs, there’s a lot of things going on and some stuff is probably going to slip through.


Finally, I can fill the emptiness left from closed casinos


This looks great so far!

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WOOoo! The game works properly now!

The dealer now exists, an extra 5 cards are placed on the table when you click on the deck.
Once you’re done with your hand, the dealer’s cards are revealed too and it shows if you’ve won or not!

Wow! This is amazing, I love the suits lol.

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Another update!

Now you can play over and over again, the cards reset entirely once you’ve won/lost

next step is adding money and bidding, shouldn’t be too complicated compared to the rest of the stuff

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I love how fast you are managing to progress with this project! You gotta finish it! Will it be your first finished game? :eyes:

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Yeah it will be! It’s pretty much the only thing I’ve been doing on my computer for the last 2 days or so, and it’s been really fun too. Everything’s working how I want it to, and I’ve been able to use a whole bunch of stuff that I knew existed but never needed.

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BIDDING BABY!!! WOOO!! You can bid now, you start with 10$, each time you start a game you automatically bid 1$, you can bid up to 5$. If you win, you get the amount you bid multiplied by a number determined by what kind of hand you had.

1 pair is x2
2 pairs is x3
3 of a kind is x4
Full house (1 pair + 3 of a kind) is x6
4 of a kind is x8
5 of a kind if x16

Next step is going to be saving your money so you can come back and continue playing, instead of just starting with 10. Also some sort of bankruptcy mechanic, since you can run out of money. Also a main menu…

You could just do what I did in my game and give the player a choice between continuing their last game or restarting so if they do run out of money they can just restart the game. Just an idea.


It’s gonna be something like that. If you run out it send you back to the main menu, and you get 10$ again. I’m also planning on adding a leaderboard, so I think every time you lose all your money it’ll also give you -1 reputation or something, and that’ll show up on the leaderboards.

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I think the money system works correctly!

There is now a main menu with a “$” button in the top corner, on your first time playing, there will be a start here flashing sign pointing towards it, press it to get your first 10$

In the middle of the menu is where all the games are going to be, right now the only game is picture poker, you can click on the icon to play the game. There’s also an arrow in the top corner to return to the main menu when you’re in a game

If you lose all your money, you’ll be send back to the main menu, and you’ll be able to press the “$” button again and get 10$ again. This will give you a -1 rep which is going to do something eventually, haven’t decided yet. You can make your rep 0 again by reaching 100$

If anyone has any game ideas or ideas for things you could possibly buy with the money you earn I’m all ears!

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This is coming along so nicely! I love it! :smiley:
Great work, Agent.

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Thanks a lot! :smile:

no i do not have a gambling addiction

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Good to know, you might develop one if you play my game though.

So do it. : )

I’m not even 18 lol
Just be 20 characters

The only game available is basically babyfied poker, so you’ll be fine. It’s fake money anyways…

I have grown a gambling addiction

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Added a little rule popup when you select the poker game in the main menu : )