Coming this Halloween:

A todorrobot and tinkersmith collaboration:


This looks awesome can’t wait to see it!

That looks pretty epic, ngl! Looking forward to this! =D

To pay due respect, it’s a 95% @todorrobot production, if not even more.

I just got dragged along in the lee wave of his ideas tsunami trying to clean up bits and pieces without drowning, HAHAHA

But darn … it is fun.


I mean; you’re @TinkerSmith though, so I have no doubt this game wouldn’t be nearly as good without ya!

@TinkerSmith + @todorrobot = a recipe for an awesome game! So excited to check this out.

This looks pretty epic! I’d love to review it when it comes out!

browngr speaks true facts ^^^

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Thank you, robot! haha

I have no idea what this game is about, and I’m not even sure “Marmorated” is a real word.

All I know is that a collaboration between @todorrobot and @TinkerSmith is destined to be awesome and I am unreasonably excited to see this thing get unveiled!


I should know, I AM Tod’s kid! :smirk:

I know Tod has a kid, but are you really his kid???

lol not looking for evidence, that’d be weird, just for comedic value

yes I am, @todorrobot, can u confirm?

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Can confirm. :grin: you will notice baconcat contributed music to some of my games long before he was an active member of the flowlab community.


this looks awesome goodluck w it u guys :smiley:

Just a lil’ question - what did you make this trailer with? And how exactly is it recorded for us to see?

I’m new to this stuff lol but I like trying new things when I got the time

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there is no way possible that won’t be a really cool game

especially with that cool of a name

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(20 characters)

I drew the opening title sequence in Piskel as individual pieces but the animation was built in flowlab and triggered with timers in a INTRO block. The intro block tells an animated piece to start and It then tells the intro block when it has finished and it triggers the next piece. It’s taken me a few attempts in previous games to get the hang of making animations, but it’s getting easier and more streamlined.

I used a Chrome extension called Loom to record my screen. It took me a few tries to get that to work too, but I got a result I could share.

If you decide to build an opening sequence let me know and I can help out.


Thank you @todorrobot ! I had thought it was loom. I’ll give this a shot at some time, and if I do need anything, I’ll know who to call:)

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Game seems overall better than my grades tbh