It would be a good thing to be able for the player to comment on the game. That way the creator of the game can get feed back to help them improve the game. I know that would help a lot of people that design games on Flowlab, because they would receive critical feedback for their games whilst making them.

forum is here for that (and a lot more of course)… you only need to create a Discussion, talk about the game and put the game link…

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Ok, thanks

There actually used to be a comment section on the page of every game, but I took it out because noone ever used it, except for the occasional troll \(?)/


We had Facebook comments for 2013-2014 and while I did recieve some decent comments, most of flowlab comments were garbage posts, since most users are under 16 and have nothing constructive to post. It’s mostly “Good, nice, fun, cool, bad, lame, boring, how, help” and other one word replies.