Competition Idea

I’ve got a bunch of unused graphics from various projects. I think it could be good to see what game people make if they all had access to the same graphics.

Perhaps after 1 week, maybe 2 weeks after/if the competition is launched the people involved could post a link to their game and then a vote is cast. Whoever gets the most votes (perhaps people could vote by tweeting) wins a flowlab badge of honour.

Just putting this out there…

I might win, lol jk idk. There aren’t too many users that are used to flowlab yet.

I’m ok with Flowlab. I just wish that my most advanced game didn’t need so many logic blocks to fly as the player :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still learning it and doing it for a project that is due tomorrow ^^

I actually have no idea what I do RR.GOA xD
Everything blows me up, except the plane I shoot.

Lol. I just have the planes physics and controlls set up. Press right and it will automattically fly up and the the plane will level out. It will only go up and down if pressing left or right.

Still need a few more peeps before we can launch the comp…

Lol, well I would be intrigued by this, if it were to happen. I wonder what the graphics we have to use are.