Condensing Objects Example

So some people feel very limited by the 50 block limit that free users have, so here are 3 ways to get around it. JR_01 made something similar to this called β€œ1” (I think), but this showcases a few different ways to do it. (I would also recommend having your character in a different object though.)
These are some of the tricks I learned in my first 2-3 weeks with flowlab that really helped.


There are a few other ways, that I will need to add. If you know of any other way to do this tell me and I’ll add it when I have the time. :llama:

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  1. Use the first example for objects when you only need one of them or a large row/group.

  2. Use the second example for when you have multiple of the same type in different areas because it’s easier to use than the first example.

  3. Use the third example for large projects because the ray casts make it completely automated and are a very useful trick for map-making.

  4. Use these all together in combination with each other. All of these have their strengths, so make sure to know which one to use.

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