"Configuration for iPhone" feature glitch


Before I begin explaining the glitch, I am willing to acknowledge that I may be unclear pertaining to the concept of flowlab? In other words…you can only have 1 set screen size for your whole game, right? Well, if that is NOT the case, then the following is indeed a glitch.

(Please bear with me, this is hard to explain. I will post a screenshot)

For example, let’s say you want two levels created, Level 1 and Level 2. You want Level 1 to be portrait. Not a problem, let’s go to settings and click on “tall”. Word. ASSUMING IT SAVED, now let’s go to create Level 2. So let’s click on Game Levels, New Level, now let’s name it Level 2. Now let’s click load and load up level 2.
It’s currently loaded. We want level 2 to be landscape, so let’s click settings, click “wide”…-OH NO! Let’s see what just happened:


That happened. This can clearly obstruct a game creator for executing the concept of his game. My question is if different screen sizes are intended. Perhaps this can be an added feature?

Did I explain this well enough? I hope it did. This headache does not help right now lol.

What do you have to say about this grazer

I know what you mean, you’re forced to make sideways games if you want other orientations. It is bothersome, but I don’t know how the engine was coded.

Hey Muphins, you have to choose a single set of dimensions for your game. That doesn’t mean that you can’t let the player rotate their device, but the width & height will not change. For example, you can the player move left and right in level one, and switch to up and down for level 2. Does that make sense?

For example, you can the player move left and right in level one, and switch to up and down for level 2.

But to rotate the screen, he would need to build the game sideways, thus turning his head sideways lol

Interesting work around…looks like I will have to permanently modify my posture lol. I’m pretty sure there’s a way to flip the screen sideways, and I do not recall the key combination. Thanks anyway

Try ctrl alt left/right
Or right click the desktop background and look for rotate screen
Depending on the computer, google can help
Also if you want perfect gravity, use motors to push you down.
Always — number — motor
That way you can use an x motor to push you to the side when you build sideways.

Key combination worked.
Thanks for that suggestion, I did not foresee myself running into problem.
Wouldn’t velocity have the same effect? Or does it just push the object at a constant speed?

Velocity is a push, motor is a force.