Construction Man - An Arcade-Like Game (Coming Soon)

I’ve always wanted to make this game since I decided to use Flowlab, and now is my chance!

Let’s go back to the 1980s, when our favorite video games were in the NES and arcade systems. People would play games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Galaga, and Space Invaders. I’ve decided to make a game that was reminiscent of those glory days.

Let’s get right on to what happens in this game:

Overall Story

"In the city of Urban Utopia, there was a monster named Krull, who is the kingpin of monsters in the city. In an attempt to get rich, he kidnaps a woman named Nina, who is the daughter of a billionaire, and demands a ransom of $500,000,000 for her to return home safely. Little did Krull know that Nina’s friend, Mike, is a well-known hero who is brave enough to challenge the monster. Mike is known as “The Construction Man,” for his attire resembles that of a construction worker.
Construction Man sets Nina free, and has to guide her through the construction site in order for her to return home safely. But Krull has back-up. Slam buttons and levers with your hammer, throw wrenches at monsters, and guide Nina away from them to save her and put an end to Krull’s criminal mischief."

So basically your goal is to get the Construction Man to rescue Nina, who will run around aimlessly to try to get to safety. However, there are various traps and enemies who are on the lookout for her. You have to act smart, as the whole game is basically one big puzzle. There will also be monsters coming to kill Construction Man, so you have to fight them off by throwing wrenches at them.

Game Modes:

  • Story Mode: Rescue Nina in 10 puzzle-like levels and defeat Krull, the Kingpin of Monsters. Highscore depends on how many monsters you destroy and how many times you fail.
  • Hunter: Fight an endless horde of monsters in a Graveyard style gameplay. (yes, Graveyard by Latif) Highscore depends on how many monsters you destroy before dying.
  • Defense: Fight an endless horde of monsters and protect Nina from capture. Highscore depends on how many monsters you destroy before dying or before Nina is captured.
  • Balloon Pop: Pop as many balloons as you can, and try not to fall onto the spikes below. A timer counts down, and increases by 5 seconds for every balloon you pop. Highscore depends on how many balloons you pop multiplied by elapsed time before dying or before time runs out. If you lose by time run out.


  • Nina gets captured by an enemy or trap
  • Construction Man triggers a trap
  • Construction Man is killed by monster
  • Nina or Construction Man falls out of the level
  • Time runs out (Balloon Pop exclusive)

Q: When will this game be available?
A: I’m not sure yet, but once Story Mode and Balloon Pop are finished, I’ll post the game link here.
Q: Which games inspired you to make Construction Man?
A: Donkey Kong and Fix It Felix (although the latter was originally fictional, some people have recreated the game to be playable in our reality).
Q: What do you intend to do to Construction Man after the aforementioned features and game modes are added?
A: Simple. Add more game modes until me and you all run out of ideas.
Q: Will this game be exported?
A: It’s very likely that Construction Man will be exported, but not before Pixel Sports gets its own glory.
Q: Will a sequel be inevitable?
A: Too early to say for certain, but it is possible.

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This sounds awesome! Can’t wait!

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Here is a preview of the first level. Since it is the first level, it is anticlimactic, so not much to see here.

Cyan = Construction Man (player)
Pink = Button
Green = Detector Trap
Red = Axeman
Yellow = Nina
White = Krull (purely cosmetic for this level)

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That’s awesome @MetaNinja

Prepare for a heck lot of ideas while you make this game!

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