Constructive criticism needed

So pin break is my addictive new arcade based endless game I made. Can there possibly be any way I can improve my entire game.
For those who don’t want the pinball part added onto it I have added a classic mode option.
Oh and here is a secret- 1-5 changes your paddle skin


It was boring when i had to wait forever for the ball to come to me. Change the 3 to a 25 oor even 50, and its way more fun.

I added more speed. Also I added a two player mode along with a cooler ball!

First off, great game! I’m amazed at how cool it is. The Scroll View seemed to function weird. Maybe it just seemed fast, but got confusing to follow. Other than that, awesome!

The ball in normal mode matched the color of the background. Scroll view was added so the player can fallow it easier…

I may add an option to turn of scrolling if it gets annoying- or completely remove it

Hey, I just tried it now that you added the ball trails - those are a great addition!

Added 6/7 paddle skins \\(^_^)//

it looks awesome. way improved.

Randomized ball starting angle. It won’t always go to the far right anymore!

Tip: try pressing 1-7 on the keyboard as you play!