Continuous Movement

How do you make a player move in a continuous straight line, but stops once it hits a barrier?

Always -> (in) Switch 1 (start on) -> (in) Number -> (forward) Velocity
Collsion (Barrier) -> (off) Switch 1

I tried that, but I want it to move in more directions that just forward, as well as be able to switch directions after you run into something and stop.
Anything that could maybe do that?

Like I want it to only be able to move in one direction at a time, as well as stay in the lane it’s already traveling in.

You could use the “Toggle” or the “Filter”(which is harder to make) to make this logic then.
Can you try and solve this by yourself now or you need a text telling the behaviors.

“as well as stay in the lane it’s already traveling in.”
What lane? Maybe if you share your link I could understand and help you with this

like stay on the same line of the grid.
And here’s the link if you need it:

Like instead of floating out of the lane on the grid, I want it to stay in the same line of boxes.

This is really confusing, I’m sorry

This may help you:

Example game from the help page:

Yes the movement would be similar to the example game, meaning they’d stay in their lane, but instead of having to reclick to move to the next space on the grid, I want one click to send you hurtling into a block clear across the room, and not being able to click again and change direction until you’ve run into that block, but staying in their lane instead of floating out of it.

I looked at that example and tried it, but it didn’t do what I wanted it to do.

Alright Gotcha
once I got home i will help u

Not sure if this works perfectly in your game but i think this is it:
Copy and Import the message i sent you

Okay, that is the perfect kind of movement I want. The only problems I am now experiencing is that it is going through the walls, and I don’t want them to be able to move the player until they have read all the messages.

Similar to the message and the enable in my player 2

Also, player 2 is my original behaviors and the player is the one with your behaviors in it.