Controller Support?

So let me tell you a tale that happened very long ago…

Back when Flowlab was run by Flash in 2018, Grazer decided to switch us over to using HTML5. While discussing about what HTML5 meant for Flowlab, he mentioned controller support.

So I am aware of programs that allow you to turn controller inputs into keyboard inputs, but I have come across a few websites/games that allow controller inputs regardless if you have those programs or not (one of them was a modern-day version of Spacewar!). I think it would be amazing if Flowlab became one of those websites.

Then again, I don’t expect this supposed feature to appear until at least a year into the future. It must be quite expensive, time-consuming, and complicated to get a website to accept controller inputs, and getting it to actually work, given how expensive game controllers can be these days.

So, now the question to @grazer is this: Is controller support still planned?


Wow he did actually say that