Convert to python

As a raspberry pi user, Id love to have my game as a working python file, as python is universal.

@grazer could you get this going?

You know, it’s been so long, that I can’t remember what flowlab is actually coded in, but I want to say that flowlab already is base coded in Python, and it just converts to objective-c or xcode on export. I could be wrong though. Don’t quote me on some hazy memory from 2013.

It’s pretty unlikely that I can get it compiling to Python. It’s possible that it could be built for Raspberry Pi directly though, not sure. I don’t have one.

@grazer You should get one. Theyre pretty cool.

They run raspberrian- Debian Linux- or atleast mine does

@grazer what is flowlab actually coded in? I completely forgot. Also, I would be happy to buy you a Raspberry Pi 3 if you like. I bought one a year ago pre-built from a great seller that includes an HDMI cord, extension cables for the controllers, and I could just reorder one and send it to you.

The editor is coded in Haxe
The website & server is mostly Ruby (Rails)

And thanks for the offer of the Pi, but I just haven’t hadn’t really found a use or need for one - even though they are really cool :slight_smile:

Wasn’t python added to haxe compiler .py?

Edit: Source code .py