Convincing Grazer about a potential Joystick UI option

So I was trying to talk Grazer into a joystick behavior since there is very little I can do to make Starblast mobile friendly, or make a mobile friendly starblast. A solution to my issues on mobile would definitely be a joystick UI behavior that would consist of two sprites (created similarly to the Achievement sprites) with one acting as the base and the other the stick itself. It would output similarly to the Controller behabior’s stick option, OR would cause all Controller 1 sticks to activate.

I think this is a much needed addition to flowlab, especially with limited multi-touch options. EVERY game engine that I can think of has a joystick option, or an easy way to implement one or more.

  • I support the idea of a Joystick behavior.
  • I don’t support it.

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someone made an example of this but

this is really really needed


The inputs would reposition, the outputs act like Controller Joystick Outputs.

please have a look


@Galactian I just made one