Cool game I made: balance (probably my best game yet)

After bout 2 weeks I finished this small project. Enjoy

Flowlab Game Creator - balance


cool game, I like the art style but you should change it so when the character hits the ground it stops the jump animation


Nice game, although one quick feature would probably something to restart the game (instead of running into a spike). I also think that the power up use animation (currently screen shake) should be changed with something else that doesn’t get mixed up with the death screen shake.




Yeah, I think a restart button would be nice.

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i added a restart button (r)

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:+1: The restart works well, you could add mobile controls but idk.

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epic goofy wall you can only dash through


cool game


progress so far:
-added 4 levels
-made the power-ups turn into an icon when collecting them
-added dash walls
-made the reset button kill you like a spike would instead of just restart the level (to make it more cinematic)

im not going to list any other small changes after this. im gonna go for 15-20 levels

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Nice update, everything seems to work.

problem: on the second level, or the first level with powerups you need to make the double jump and dash respawn because if you fail the double jump the you have to reset (r). You could keep it the same i guess but the player would have to reset if they miss. Just a thought.

its kind of intentional that the player needs to press r after failing, since thats the reason why that button exists in the first place.

i think im done with making levels for the day, I’m planning on introducing a new mechanic tomorrow. Not sure what its gonna be yet, maybe a new power-up or some kind of enemy/obstacle type. Im concidering about making another use for the double jump, since i gave the dash the ability to go through walls.

OK! sounds cool I think a maybe shooting powerup and there are enemys you use it on.

the epic levels shall begin-im gonna add falling tiles now


Falling tiles… good idea totally not gonna steal that for a game im making :smiley:

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nice i just saw the downwards dash!

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just beat the new update :smiley:. two more things: 1, theres a rare bug where you get stuck and cant move, 2, sometimes the spikes sink into the ground :frowning:

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the spikes sinking into the ground could have something to do with screen shake,as it usually leaves he screen slightly off set. If you get stuck and cant move, press r.

I thought double jump didn’t work, but then I read the comments and you said it was intentional, but it doesn’t mention that in the game so there is no way for the player to know, and they will get frustrated and not want to play the game. I suggest to make double jump always work.