Cool little idea I came up with

This game involves sonic-style movement, but also includes the ability to rotate the world.

If you press space, the world around you rotates by 90 degrees

I don’t know why, but the player never moves to the area he was when the world rotates, it’s always the starting point

the game idea is very cool but have a lot of bugs haha

it reminds me of a indie game called “fez” i bet you know it

Ok, so if the object is not moveable, keep it at an once. But if not. Make sure to remove the once and connect the input into the extractors

I actually already had a game example for Fez years ago. I’ll try this game out later, see if it is the same concept.

Nice! Would’ve never imagined it.

Feel free to use this in your works. This was just a proof-of-concept.

Now that I think about this, this would be a SWEET mechanic for Starblast - too bad the playing field isn’t square

How did you get him to gain speed? @jegthree

@nkbulider I simply used a motor

I can’t believe I didn’t see this before - that 90 degree rotate logic is fantastic!

@grazer me paying attention in math class finally paid off I think. Lol

So here’s the formula, which is pretty simple- take the coordinates, swap 'em (so now X is Y and vice versa), Then make one negative, depending on which way you want it to rotate.

I just went the extra mile and used eases to make it rotate visually instead of just teleporting (which, believe me, was miserable)

If you want it to rotate 180 degrees, I think you make both negative

that is awesome