Cool platformer game where you cant jump


this is fun, I like how the square rotates and falls with physics.

could use music and sounds though


Welcome to the community @n00bRid! Really nice game by the way. A question though, are the levels randomly generated?

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new i was missing something of course its sounds

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k i finished the music


This game is very creative! I liked it a TON!

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This is a really fun and addictive game! Really dig the simplistic style as well. That combined with the music kind of gave me Undertale vibes. With some more work and polish this could easily be featured.

One small thing - are you aware the player can stick to walls? It’s a common issue in platformers on Flowlab but it has a simple fix. Just change the player’s hitbox to capsule rather than rectangle.

Other than that, this is a really promising game!


This game is pretty fun, maybe a score and high score?


Neat Game! I also like the simplicity of the artwork, and agree this game has potential.

Some things I think you should include in the next update are:

  1. Don’t start over instantly after you die. Have a message that says ‘You Died’, and a button below that says ‘play again?’, or something similar.

  2. Give the player a sense of progression. I have no idea how you would do this, but I feel it is necessary in infinite games like this.


I just now got around to playing this game and realized that we both used the exact same music, lol.
I used the same audio for my flowjam game since I really liked the techno beat of it. That would be cool if the white color pattern were to shift into different colors on each beat giving the game somewhat more complex color look.
Also sometimes when I use arrow keys or click to move over sometimes it gets delusional and goes the opposite way or both actions only go one way. But this could be an internet issue on my part, lol.


the sticking to walls is a part of the game and i was aware of the capsule thing. but thanks


rate 1 - 10

how hard is this game



I don’t know if it could be featured… it has no story, the art isn’t really impressive, and the concept has been recreated thousands of times, even if the game is fun.

  1. On level 4, the boss platforms… when they come down, and if you’re on a platform below them they can fly you off screen.

  2. The player sometimes can’t go to the other side of a platform if a previous platform is obstructing it.

To fix these issues:
for #1: make it so when they start going down off the screen, use the enable behavior and set it to false.
for #2: use an object parent, and have a proximity in it, pick your distance, and make it so the enable behavior is set to false when the proximity doesn’t hit the player (using NOR in the LogicGate behavior).

the 1st issue actually is intended

At the end of the day a game just needs to have solid gameplay, a proper beginning and end, and it needs to function correctly so I mean I think it’s good. It doesn’t need to be a crazy new gaming experience or revolutionize the industry.

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hey i finished the point system.

to collect tokens to get points

gold tokens are worth three 1/2 regular tokens