Coordinate based "Semisolid Platform" example

This system uses the player objects Y coordinates and the Y coordinates of the platform object.

The plry input is the constant player objects Y coordinate
The value input will be the height in pixels of the player object plus the platform object. In the example the platform is 2 pixels in height and the player is 15 pixels in height which makes 17, so the input would be 17 in this case. If however you have a character select system and the characters potentially have different heights the platform can be change depending on the character you have selected making it pretty universal.

If you have any problems or need help setting it up please ping me.


still has the same issue that none of these work with boxes/other physics objects

it would require some painful list work and iā€™m too lazy


What exactly would you want other objects to use these? How would that even work?

you would need to store all y values in a list and use a custom physics system to simulate different objects colliding with the multitude of objects that should work with the semi-solids

What other objects besides the player are going to use the semi solid platform?

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enemies, boxes that you can push, any physics object that needs too