Copying and Pasting code.

Say you create a Sprite and put code into it. Then, you want to create another Sprite that does the same thing. Except, tweak it. If you Clone the first Sprite and edit one of the Clones, it will change all of the ones that you’ve named a certain type.

So you create another Sprite and want it to have the same code, but modify it. There ought to be a way to copy the code from one Sprite and paste it into a new one (Say, the first Sprite is Type Mob 1 and the other Type Mob 2.)

That way, you can copy code from one and paste it into another.

Say you name one Sprite Mob 1 and another Mob 2. You can clone Mob 1 all you want, which is great. I also like how if you change one Sprite that has a Type name, the rest are changed as well, that’s handy :slight_smile:

My idea would mean you could take code that’s in one Sprite and copy it. Then create another Sprite, say Mob 2, and paste the code. Then you can keep it or change it in Mob 2, leaving Mob 1 unchanged.

For people who do not know what i mean by mob, it’s a term used in MMORPGs.

“The term “mob” is short for “mobile”, which was used by Richard Bartle for objects that were self-mobile in MUD1.”

Yes there is, bundles

ANYways you can edit it but if you deleted it then it will revert to the last edited one :l so be careful