Copying Animations Tutorial

After JR01 showed the third party site used to copy animations, I realized I didn’t know how to use it. So, I looked for a spritesheet animator and found this site:

Basically, you download your sprite, then it gives you the spritesheet. You can cut and crop it to whatever frames you choose, after that upload the final file into the site I gave you, You have to input the width and height of pixels so it shows the right one for each frame, For one Flowlab grid block, it should be 32x32. After that, click generate GIF below and then upload it into your sprite as an animation. Hooray, you’ve copied an animation! I would use screenshots but I am not on a computer at the moment.


I feel like just copying the frames one by one takes less time.

It definitely does not, especially for big animations


Meh. I agree with you on the big animations though.

Dude… it took me half an hour to copy an animation with more than 20 frames frame by frame.

It took me 5 minutes to copy an animation with more than 20 frames with this.


agh so many typos lol

Been doing this for a while, usually go through all the prompts and import full animations in about a minute. I still think EZGif is faster in prompts and upload/download times.


What would happen if one frame isn’t in one line of the sprite sheet?

You can adjust things with the pixel thing


Okay? Thanks for the tutorial still, I might try this out.


Oh okay.