Copying sprites in the new editor?

How do you copy and paste sprites, between sprites, in the new editor?
I’m sure I can ask this better… how do you copy a sprite to reproduce it as the basis of another, new sprite?


Theres is a dotted square in the editor click it and highlight the parts ya wanna copy

Appreciate the help. After I make the selection, I click copy, but then when I open a new canvas (sprite) there is no way to paste the selection.

I could do this in the old editor, and am assuming I’m just missing something with the update.

Thanks again.

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Whatever the paste button on your computer is, click it. Just like how you would normally copy and paste something.

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If you have any other questions or this didn’t work, just ask and I’m happy to help.

Thank you! Didn’t even occur to me to try … I feel silly - thanks again! Happy New Year!