I’m making a website but don’t have the money to export games. I want to add links to my games on here but I’m afraid I’ll get a copyright fine.

You wont, any games made belong to you. Theyre yours.

Matter of fact, theres an embed thing you can copy, so they dont have to leave the sight to come here

Yeah, if you made the game it’s yours - you own the copyright :slight_smile:

Next to the game on your My Games page there is an embed code to make it easy to put the game on your own site.

Good luck.

You don’t have to worry about copyright from flowlab. Just make sure you aren’t using anything you don’t own, or didn’t make, for example, don’t try to make money off of a Mario game. Nintendo will take you to court lol. As long as you own everything in your game, flowlab has no copyright problems for your games.