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So you both are theorist?!? Well I have to say I guess I aint the only one. So who wants to team up wih me?

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sure I’ll do it just

becasue i’m bored and have nothing to do

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i really enjoy lore rich games and ducky definitely seems to be one, if you like lore rich games then i’d definitely recommend blasphemous


it’s pretty similar to ducky

Flowlab games with lore:

  1. Recryptech’s Flowjam winter 2022 game
  2. Taile Gamougg series

hey this looks pretty cool! I was wondering if you wanted to pick apart universal crumble. Here’s the link Flowlab Game Creator - Universal Crumble


I already done this and its pretty fun

So you want a theory on that?

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if you wouldn’t mind, sure!

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Okay then I will start soon



Hi Everyone. I will still be doing the SCP Edition and the ducky theories. But now our winner for the summer jam wants a theory to be made about his game. So I will start soon. I have found some stuff interesting about the game and will report in about 3 days. I have also improved on my way of thinking Thank you to Everyone who voted on:

This really helped me alot. Since many people voted:
I do understand what you are saying and your theories are great!**
And 20% voted Meh I guess your theories are okay. I will try to find more evidence as possible and find every tiny detail.

I do try to check my grammar twice so I will be focusing more on that.

ok can u invite me to the other theroy

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Don’t forget Gamougg


Also it’s called the Scepter Foundation. My story doesn’t relate to the SCP Foundation at all, but it was heavily inspired by the original plot line for the games.


Hm…Well…Mistakes are made and it can be fixed soon.


actually @Coreplex i think i found some more evidence. I don’t think Blue is the player, i think he is a long lost friend of the player who has been turned to the other side. see evidence:

see how puginarug mentions he has a blue helmet?


It was just a theory after all, but it is way off now. but we might never know. But for me it could still be the player since @Pixel_Name1 give us some nicknames that blue was called.

We dont know our characters age and does not even look old. Aging could also mean that blue has been here for a long time, but does not age in skin, but ages in number. Or it could be the other way.
Even though @paisleypug said he had a blue helmet, we could be wrong as our character could have put the helmet somewhere else or lost it in battle. Or it could be that puginarug is correct. I don´t know for sure.


Our hero will forever be in a loop fighting enemies, he may not know it but the enemies do. They are scared. This is one theory that I made.

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