Could i get some help?

in my game i want it so that the players regain health after some time, and if the player gets down the npc’s go to them and revive them.

if you cant do it its fine…

for regaining health, you can do this. change the first timer to how much time you want it to take before it starts to regain health. the second timer is how fast you want the health to regainScreenshot 2020-08-05 at 7.39.38 AM

you can also change the number to how much health you want it to regain

thanks but is there a way to make it so if the player gets down, the npc’s go to the player and revive them or if a npc gets down another npc revives them

it is possible by sending messages to the ncp when the player gets down. and when it receives the message, it revives them. I’ll see what i can do

okay thanks

Yeah, have the player send a message to the NPC(s) telling them that they are down. Then, using a combination of switches, proximity, and expression behaviors, have the NPC run over to the player to revive them.
Here is a simple example showing how NPC chasing would work, although I wouldn’t use extractors to extract values from other objects because that takes lots of patience and time to utilize.

@GalaxianGames what should i use other than them then?

You just use proximity instead.

could u give an example on how to do that? @GalaxianGames

Just use the same example I just showed you, but with proximity instead of extractor.

Or, for more accurate results, just have the player send the NPC their current coordinate values and have them go from there.
Although this example is for a 2D platformer, so you may need to add extra behaviors for up and down movements.

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@GalaxianGames theres one more problem, when the character gets down, their health regenerates but i dont know how to prevent it from doing that

turn the switch off when it gets down

i tried to do that but it didnt work @USERNAME55

what do you want the health to be after revived

@“XXD3G”, any timers involved should be reset using the “Reset” input. That will stop the timer and reset it. It will not play again until something goes into the “Start” input. Once the player/NPC gets back up, use the “Start” input to start the timer again.

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