Could i have some help plz?

in my game “Ancient Evil” i made it so that if a teammate is in proximity of a zombie they shoot them, but i don’t know how to get them to stop shooting if a zombie isn’t in proximity, could someone tell em how to fix this?

Use a logic gate on and, add both X’s on the proximity (Or y, just one or the other) into both slots of the And Gate that way the and gate is constantly updating and will disable if the zombie is gone. At least, thats they way I do it, works pretty good for me.

could you give an example?

The way it works is if the proximity is within a zombie’s range, it will emit a constant signal which I just linked to a number labeled shooting. But when the zombie dies or you are no longer near one, the and gate will realize that the X output is no longer active and both have to be active for the and gate to work so it will then stop shooting.

I hope this helps (and that I explained it correctly, lol)

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its not working, i tried to use that and then put it in the timer instead of putting it in the number and it didn’t work

Oh, if it’s attached to a time, then have a Nand gate also attached to the proximity and attach that to the reset on the timer and the And Gate to the start.

Like this.

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