COVER (discussion for feedback and updates)

Cover is a game that I started on as a little project during a state competition. There is just a demo at the moment but it’s still fun. You move with WASD and can control different units by clicking on them. Press E to fire and Q to stop controlling a unit (or just click off). Each unit has a unique look and skill:


The game is currently in it’s VERY early forms currently and more is bound to be added. I only started this several days ago but i’ve been making components to it since January, see my games, drift and space machine. My inspiration for this game is from a game by Osumia Games called Running With Rifles.

Thank you for spending time playing my game!

  • Sincerely L.A.W.K.S Chief Executive Officer, ToastMaster.

Weird glitch going on at the moment, ill keep you posted!