Crap I forgot about music and there's 1 day left

I need a happy, plains music for the title screen, and a dungeon theme. Here’s the game:


Gotcha covered my boi
Check this out on #BandLab

All of these songs are made by me. For u they’re free

That’s a sub 1 minute reply WR right there

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Luxidoor theme is best for peaceful plains, while Quetzali is good for action.

Just lucky I got on right that second lol

Lemme know if you don’t like those, I’ll work tonight and whip you up a new one.

How do I save them?

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There’s a download option.

It won’t show

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What do you mean?

Which song do you need, I’ll make it a youtube video and send you a direct download link.

@MrMcMemerMan you there???

Polaris and Glorious beyond

sry, distracted

Ok I’ll get that now

I know this is kind of dead, but if you want a huge variety then you could use some of Eric_Matyas’ songs from Although you will have to give him credit and add a link to his website in the game’s description. The only reason I recommend him is because he has songs for just about everything.
I know meburningslime has some good stuff, but you could use this a backup just in case he didn’t have quite what you needed. Which i understand since most of the time a really song just sometimes won’t work on certain occasions.

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Wait, how’d I get epic tune bestower? How’d they know? @grazer

This thread earned it - I just saw you making music for people. Thanks!