Creating a Player Select?

Hi! I’m trying to give my players the ability to choose which character they’re going to play with. Is there a way to do this?
Here’s my game:

Thank you! ^^

Depends on what type of character select you want to do…

You could use an respective Player emmitter or Respective Levels to each character

Spawning may be a better choice

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Sorry, I’m still pretty new at Flowlab, so I’m not sure if I’m doing any of this right. DX But, I tested out spawning and it doesn’t seem to be working for my game. I have a camera that’s set to follow the player, but it’s not reacting to my spawned-in character when the character enters a new level. I also looked into respective levels, but it seems like that’d be an enormous amount of work since I can’t find a duplicate level option anywhere. Any suggestions?

I would probably approach it this way:

  1. Create a single “Player” object that contains all of the player logic
  2. Create a set a “Child” objects, with their parent property set to “Player”
  3. When you start the game, use a Spawn block to add the selected Child object to your level

I forgot of the Childs… They are pretty useful

I added an example of this to the examples page:

There are other ways to approach it, but using Parent->Child objects is probably the simplest.

How do u set your camera to follow player?

You can put the camera on the parent object. I added one to the example:

@Broseph I have 2 videos about making a Character select (2 Parts) Subsribe if you like the videos.

I was trying to implement this into the start of my game. I thought I did everything correct, but I am unable to to correctly have the spawn work.
My game: