Critical Bug - Animations swapping images

What is going on? My jump animations frame 1 and 2 just swapped with my run animations 1 and 2.
I mean, sure, I can just reupload them, because I make my sprites in paint so I have back ups.
HOWEVER, this is an immense issue for people that made their sprites in Flowlab and have to remake them.
@grazer, this is a big bug, because I am going to be having a lot of animations and can’t afford to have them switching images randomly. I’m not even sure why it happened, I only hit edit and went to update the run animation. I just noticed they also moved out of order. All my animation images seem to have bumped forwards 2 frames. I can’t do anything about it. It keeps happening every time I refresh, animations are swapped. I have to reupload every single image now…

I’ll investigate this now - I assume this is the current version of the editor?

Yes, it’s the new version. This wasn’t happening yesterday, and I haven’t even added anything new yet. I had to replace the sprites 4 times for all animations, and oddly every so often it refused to let me keep a sprite. As soon as I would hit play, or toggle sprites, the sprite I just uploaded would be gone. It would take 20-30 tries to get the sprite to stay and not reset to the wrong sprite.

So I have been testing this for the last hour and a half or so. I have been able to make it misbehave somewhat (add blank initial frame) when adding new animations, but I haven’t tracked down the actual root cause of that yet. Also, I haven’t been able to reproduce anything like what you describe, so I’m clearly doing something wrong in my testing.

Since you say that the images aren’t actually saving, I wonder if it’s some sort of server problem. Also, I’m assuming that you are hitting the “OK” button on the draw window, since that’s when the actual save and upload happens.

I agree that this is a critical bug, so I’m focusing on getting it sorted out before anything other issues. Let me know if you think of anything else that sounds like it might be a clue, or if there is a specific set of steps you come up with that cause it to glitch reliably.

Well it stopped about 10 minutes after I posted this. I have no idea what happened. I would be running and it would play jumping, teleport, grind animations instead. I went to edit the running animation, and all the animation images were from other animations. I checked the other animations and everything was switched around. It’s like all my animations got mixed up from loading the level wrong or something. I honestly have no idea. For that half hour, it just kept resetting to wrong images or not keeping the images I changed to. Luckily it stopped doing it, and I hope that’s the last time as well.

It still happens with me, I was just going to ignore it but I cant stand it anymore. Im currently using the Software alone, no importing, just the software. So when this happens I gotta copy and paste frames and erase some frames.

Sometimes it makes the animation go a frame ahead, and other times it switches the names making me wish you could edit Animation names (which would be very helpful if this is a impossible fix.

EDIT: I just noticed… I have 4 Animations for a Text box. 1 animation is moving and the other is non moving (2 = 1 Sentence). The weird part is that the 2 Finished text animations swapped names, but the moving ones stayed the same.

If you can figure out what sequence of steps make the animations break it will be much easier to find and fix. In the meantime, I will attempt to figure it out here.

Thanks for reporting it.

Mostly Refreshing and cycling thru the Frames and then Refreshing. Also might be some fast button presses here and there.

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