I’ve been trying this for hours now.
I can get my character to crouch perfectly fine, but he is able to do it in the air as well. not what I want… I want him to be able to crouch only when he is on solid ground. I’ve made it so he can only crouch if he isn’t jumping, but if he walks off of something, he can still crouch, because he isnt technically jumping. I’ve tried Proximity, but that only works on the lowest level, and doesn’t let him crouch on blocks that are higher up.

Does anyone know of a way to do this? I want the crouch to just freeze him in place. it’s not really all that important that i can do this, but it adds another dimension of movement to the character that id like to be able to have in my game.

Collision bottom is what you’re looking for. If there’s nothing touching the bottom of you, you can’t crouch. Side note, crouching currently does not shorten your hitbox. This is something I’ve been nagging @grazer about for a few years now, but adjustable hitboxes are a very much needed behavior. You’ll look like you’re crouching, but your invisible normal sized hitbox will still be there.

@“Mhx Ar” , rotations now affect the hitbox, so you could probably do something among those lines

@CrimsonBlackGames is that so? I’ll have to look into that.
Rotation affects hitbox
Size does not
Animations do not

Unfortunately this would not help me out at all, because my character is in a 64x64 frame.
If your character was 32x64, you could set rotation to 90 so you lay on the ground, but that only really does something if you’re using rectangle and maybe capsule.