Crystal Storm is now a DEMO!!!

The game is officially ready to begin it’s demo phase!


Play here

Feel free to commentate

The storyline is quite promising, I can’t wait to read more.
However, for now there’s one thing I noticed: because Mhx’s attacks are powerful and crystal’s attacks are not that powerful, I find myself using magic over and over, hoping for those arrows. The bar doesn’t run out the whole duration of the battle, so as a result I just keep pressing magic over and over again.

Crystals attacks are random too

So do you want some sort of debuff that lowers the energy bar for that fight?

Or do you want the chance that magic will fail and wont work for that turn?

I was thinking of a bit more variety. Since all the magic and attacks do are damage the other player, it really doesn’t matter if crystal keeps using magic at the start and keeps attacking in case the bar runs out.

This is amazing! It’s very promising, the story is pretty cool, the fights are work perfectly and are really well made.

but the title screen could use some work, there are white lines around some of the sprites, and increase the damage for “fight” a bit, I just spammed Magic the whole fight because fight barely did anything, otherwise it’s pretty good, I like it!

@Luminous700 maybe the chance to heal the player completely?

@EnderBronze54 magic was meant to be used more than fight. But different enemies will be affected differently by the schythe

good idea. Maybe there should also be a spell that has a random chance of hitting one to five times in a single turn, or a spell that’s more effective when the enemy’s HP is over half, or one that might make the target flinch.
In other circumstances, I think the designs and the graphics are great. Keep it up, I can’t wait until the game’s finished.

What do you think @leonknighte

Pretty cool!

@Tommyx2x14 youd like it

Oh and dont forget to <3


youre welcome xD

@Luminous700 that problem should be sorted out now…

One thing I noticed: when Mhx is sending you with a barrage of bolts before the battle, crystal can also use magic as much as she wants in that duration.

@grazer what do you think

The fight attack does extra damage now!

What do i need to work on before i work on the main game

Do whatever you like, man. I would consider adding random enemy battles, and a UI icon that displays your experience points.

Agreed. I dunno how i would do levels tho