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IEEC’s exploration of the desert planet Tarranus has yielded some interesting results.

Lead Archeologist: Cobalt [No surname on file]

Analysis of the surface reveals sedimentary buildup similar to those found underwater, which suggests the existence of oceans in the past. However, it would have required some cataclysmic event in order to evaporate all the oceans in as short of a period of time as geologic records suggest. Multiple ruined settlements were located, alongside the remains of giant crustaceans. Additionally, some stone carvings were located with text in an unknown language, which we are still working to decipher. We will have to wait for the translation before making any further assumptions.


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The decipherable text on the stone tablet has been translated to Standard to the best of our abilities (note that the stone tablet was damaged, and as such there are large gaps in the remaining text):

To any who may come to read this, consider this a warning. Remain quiet and… lest the wrath of the divine wings rain down upon your kind as it did upon mine…arrived with their glowing bastions, as if death incarnate…ravaged our beautiful oceans, brought us to heel…abominations of their own creation enforcing their savage rule…taken all that they could, left us to rot…these words may be the last remnant of our voices…do not even dare to cross paths with…

This is a massive discovery, as the existence of extraterrestrial life is all but confirmed. However, it seems that these “divine wings” do not take very kindly to other type 1 and above civilizations on the Kardashev scale. Based on the description given in this text, they are most likely a type 2 or above civilization, therefore caution must be exercised, and precautions must be taken to ensure humanity is prepared if we ever encounter them.

It’s probably best if the public doesn’t catch wind of this just yet.


Is Standard based on British English, American English, Australian English, or Indian English?

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