Custom Image Points

We should totally be able to make custom image points, and multiple, it would help a ton.

Examples: Emitting, spawning, positions, attaching and other things. (of course you can make an image point with an expression by adding or subtracting from x and y extraction of an object)

But it’d be a lot faster with custom and multiple image points.

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What do you mean by this?

Like Construct 3.

More in deph:

Each sprite has an image point, by default it’s the center of the object. What I’m saying is that if you could create multiple and custom image points in the editor is that you could spawn stuff from different areas.

For example, if I made a custom image point at a the top of my player, had it so that when I emitted an object, it emitted at custom image point 1, it would emit the object from the top of my player.

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