D&D love!

just chat here about d&d!

Dogs and Dirt


Dummies and Dirty Bombs


@meburningslime it Obvously means Dudes and Ducks

Drag Races and Dreamy Bois

Dungeons and Dragons.

what is that @Superstargames?

It’s a video game/board game first introduced in 1974, then remade in 1994.

(sarcastically) ohhhh I’ve never heard of that before

@Superstargames don’t talk about what you don’t know. It wasn’t a video game for a long time and it CERTAINLY ISNT A BOARD GAME!!!
RPGs (Role Playing Games) are games where you create your own avatar, write his/her stats on a paper, and try to overcome obstacles in an imaginary world the the Dungeon Master (A player that controls the NPCs and world) has created.

Some of my favorite styles of RPGs are Pathfinders and D&DA2E

Okay, jeez I get it now.


Dummies and Da Best

okay but, seriously now this has nothing to do with flowlab. we should just stop commenting, and let it die

@seamothmaster45 that’s what they said when dnd came out…
“Oh ThAt’s NoT a BoArD gAmE lEt It DiE”

Now it is so popular every designer gets 20-30k a month!!!