D: I need Help With Sprite art

My Frog Game IS Really Doing Good, but My art looks horrid and i can’t draw frog Sprites
Can anybody make art for my game. I will give access to someone Trustworthy, and they can help :smiley:

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hey there, I can, but I have a free account, my art skills are pretty ok but not sure if u want to place trust in a 13 yr old :slight_smile: I have a game so u can kinda see my art style, but I just started flowlab so don’t grief me for me coding skills, its not done yet, thats the link for the game

just @ me or send me a email, 27hkoh@cpsd.us
I can draw better, but I feel like the simpler the better for games like this

Oh Btw i fixed this problem

wut problem, u got help?